AI Website Firewall To Block Hackers

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Let Pyramid SafeGuard Help You Control Your Website Security.

Pyramid SafeGuard is an easy to use and easy to impliment AI nueral net firewall that blocks and stops hackers from attacking your website and stealing data.

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99.9% Accuracy.

Pyramid SafeGuard is the perfect solution for businesses who want to get enterprise level security without all the headaches that come along with it.

Enterprise Level Security

With years of security in our wheelhouse, we provide an AI that secures websites of all sizes.

5 Million+ Threats Blocked

Pyramid SafeGuard is constantly learning new threats every hour to block over 5 million different attacks and counting.

5 Million+ Threats Blocked & Counting

Your Business is an investment that's worth protecting from Hackers.

Why Pyramid SafeGuard?

Pyramid SafeGuard provides enterprise level security featuring world class AI to help you defend your website by blocking over 5 million different types of web attacks and counting. Keeping your business safe from cyber attacks.

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Nueral Net Firewall

You should be focusing on your business, let Pyramid Safeguard provide worry free protection for your site with high security..

Blocks All Web Attacks

Safeguard will take immediate action on threats and block their requests which will keep your site and business up and running without any hiccups. No other action is needed.

3 Minute Setup

Just a couple copy and pastes and that's it. As simple as integrating Google Analytics. You are now officially protected by Pyramid Safeguard's outstanding AI.

Pyramid SafeGuard is Made for All.

Easy To Use

No need to get an IT team for your security needs. Our platform is super simple to use, anyone can do it

Easy to Setup

Have you ever installed Google Analytics on your website? It's the same process. We give you a unique API key and you just copy and paste it into your code.

Block Attacks

Our AI will stop over 5 million attacks and counting every day, including the OWASP Top 10. Your site will stay protected and stay online.

Threat Assessment

Our included Automated platform scans your site gives you a risk level of all your vulnerabilities and what to do about them!

Is SafeGuard Right For You?

Do you store information on your server?

If you answered yes, then Pyramid SafeGuard is perfect for you! Storing sensitive information on your server is always at risk. Protect it now!

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Do you want to keep your site up and running?

We would hope that you answered yes to this.

Do you want to drastically decrease your chances of getting hacked?

If that's something you want to do, let Pyramid SafeGuard protect your site.

Looking for FAQ's?

We have more answers to your questions. Our FAQ's are located in our demo page. Please click "See FAQ" below to be taken to them!


Don't Go

Getting hacked can result in customer and money loss.

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And Ahead

See everything you need to with our dashboard on any device, anywhere.

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The Average User

No need to learn cyber security, our platform is as easy as A, B, C.

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