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Protect your website with an all-in-one and easy to use plugin. Block spammers, attacks, bots, and more while using our AI Firewall.

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PyGuard by Pyramid is a plugin that will stop 99.9% of attacks and will block all spammers. With a powerful engine behind it, your WordPress site will always remain up and running as intended.

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Why PyGuard?

With an abundance of features, low resources, Ease of Use and Premium Artifical Intelligence Protection, PyGaurd by Pyramid Security is the #1 choice in Security Plugins for your WordPress site.

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Premium Protection

PyGuard features state of the art technology and protection to keep your site up and running with ease. It's time to stop worrying about getting attacked.

Ease Of Use

Save time by just no needing to know what everything means. PyGuard does everything for you. PyGaurd uses low resources to make sure that your site doesn't drag.

Immediate Alerts

Is your site getting bombarded by attacks or spam? PyGaurd will send you a text and email you to let you know. On top of that, it will automatically take action immediately.

PyGuard Stops Attacks; Anytime & Anywhere


Tomorrow's Hackers are one step ahead. How would you like to be two steps?

Fast Blocking In Action

Just install and activate. That's it.

Real Time

Real time, instant blocking and analytics. See what is happening on your site and know that PyGuard is protecting it.

Fast Blocking

Our fast blocking AI will block attacks instantly. This means more time for you to have a cup of coffee instead of worrying about cleaning up 0's and 1's.

Highly Accurate

With 99.9% accuracy. PyGuard will block and stop both known and unknown attacks. From the second they are discovered. Making sure no damage is done.

An Attack Happens Every 39 Seconds, Don't Be A Statistic.

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