Keep your personal life secured.
PyramidSec: Mobile Security

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Six Important Features

From Device security all the way to identity monitoring. PyramidSec: Mobile Security has it all.

100% Free

We believe everyone should have personal protection at no cost and with no annoying ads.

Fully Encrypted

The only thing that is stored on our servers, is your username and your encrpyted password that we can't even see, everything else is not stored.

Be confident in your security
with PyramidSec: Mobile Security

Featuring Device Security, Safe Browsing, Breach Report, Safe WiFi, App Security & Identity Monitor


You're always at risk

PyramidSec: Mobile Security was designed to keep your personal identity and everything associated with it safe.


Every public network you go on, the packets can be sniffed, every company you create an account with, can risk data breach if they don't have the right security, websites you visit could be malicious, your social accounts and personal identity are next.

Mobile Security

Keeping your mobile phone safe, keeps you safe. With a quick and easy install, you can view all sorts of information and PyramidSec: Mobile Security will let you know if anything happens to your devices security, identity breaches or hackers trying to get in your social media.

Only your email is stored in our servers. Nothing else.