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Can I use Pyramid SafeGuard in any site?

You can utilize Pyramid SafeGuard in any site, whether PHP or HTML.

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Can I use Pyramid SafeGuard in a Wordpress site?


Who is Pyramid SafeGuard made for?

SafeGuard was designed with the audience in mind for those who want a platform that is incredibly easy to use, quick to setup and doesn't cost an arm and a leg.

How does SafeGuard work?

While we can't give away exactly how it works, we can tell you this. Pyramid SafeGuard is a nueral net AI that blocks attacks. It is currently being trained more and more everyday to block attacks. It protects from a wide range of different web attacks by recognizing the patterns and will block any malicious attacks.

How do I impliment SafeGuard?

When you subscribe to Pyramid Safeguard, we will give you an API key and instructions in your dashboard. What you do is copy that API script and paste it in your start file (usually index.php) then re-upload your start file and the downloaded file to your server!

Can I get the vulnerability scanner and SafeGuard?

Yes! We offer a package deal. When you purchase Pyramid SafeGuard, you also will receive the vulnerability scanner which is accessed through the dashboard

How long does the vulnerability scanner take?

It varies with every single site. On average, it shouldn't take more than 25 minutes.

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